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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My very first blog.

The internet is so creepy. Right now I'm supposed to be writing copy for some brochure that's probably due in a few hours, but instead I decide what better way to occupy my time but to play Gin on the internet with some dude from Africa. I didn't even know they had computers in Africa. So, we do the normal casual chitchat and congratulate each other on our good hands. And then the freaky shit starts. He didn't want to toss my salad on the internet or anything, but he did start babbling about his life. It was like I was a therapist that he found for free and on the side we get to play games. I console him and we end the game. And we don't exchange names or numbers because I'm not that crazy, but it's just understood that people do this. These people will share more with me than they do to their wives, husbands, priests, what have you. And I don't even like giving advice. But I do because I feel bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Playing gin during business hours? You´re fired.


4:54 AM  

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