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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

How cool are you?

So, I admit it. I've spent too many hours spying on people at friendster. I'd look up who my friends were friends with and who their friends were, and so on. Then I thought to myself, "Damn (yes, I think in quotes- shove it) I only have 20 friends and some of them I don't even talk to anymore. I must really be a loser." And then I realized that, yes I probably am a loser, but at least I don't lie and say I have 400 friends like some people I've seen. Who has 400 friends? Who are these people? Why do they need to prove their popularity on the internet? Then I realized that these people were probably really cool in high school, and probably even cooler in college. They probably had multiple nicknames and a nice car their parents bought them. Or these people are in dire need for atteniton so they ask every person they've ever looked at to be their friend. Whatever the reason, these people are weird and I guess I'll never understand them. And for that, I guess I'll never be cool. Oh well. Back to playing Dungeons and Dragons. hehe.


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