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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Don't Waste Your Time.

I can't decide whether I want to dye my hair blonde or brunette or something completely drastic (in the blue or red color palatte). Any advice?

Now back to what's more important. I've decided that you (assuming someone is reading this besides myself) shouldn't waste your time anymore. So, I've compiled a list of movies that totally blow huge brown chunks.

-The following movies make me barf blueish green:
Dodgeball (I've seen this before. It was called Starsky and Hutch and I didn't like that movie either).
A Walk to Remember (I can't even believe I'm admitting I watched this movie. I thought some deep shit was gonna happen, but the best thing about this boo hoo flick was that Mandy Moore beefs it riding a motorcycle- just kidding).
Open Range (Ugh. If you have a penis you might like this cowboy melodrama. Kevin Kostner needs to stick to building baseball fields.)

My ADD/laziness is kicking in and there's something more interesting on The Late Late Show so I'll end my list here. Are there movies you wish you never saw and would like to warn others? If so, feel free to comment. Spread the word so I don't have to waste 6.50 (matinee biotch) on seeing crap on a screen.


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