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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh yeah, I forgot I turned 30.

So that happened. I had a great day, followed by a few days in friggin' Belize, followed by a day at an Asian spa. Here are all the highlights:

-I actually went to work on my big day and then quickly left.
-The maid came! And she was good! And fast! And not at all annoying like the last one!
-Dominic came home with pretty flowers and a pop-up card he made himself. The card said the nicest, personal things inside and concluded with my present.
-He gave me a day at the Asian spa, Olympus in Tacoma. More of that in a later bullet point.
-We went to Tilth for dinner, had the most amazing (organic and locally grown foods) dinner. It was romantic and sweet and plentiful.
-Then we ate our cupcakes we previously picked out at Trophy, for dessert. Equally awesome, especially when you've had 2 glasses of great wine.
-A few hours later we left for Belize!
-We arrived tired, excited and hungry.
-We entered this little hut village, complete with hot water, no tv (!), breakfast/lunch/5-course dinner (fresh juices every day that were so mouth-watering delicious i think i drank 20 mangos in 2 days) and toucans that greeted us each morning.
-Walked over a bridge held together by 500 year old, rotted wood and rope that was more like yarn.
-Canoed through caves where we saw bats, baby skulls and pottery from a time lost. Our guide was named Lion.
-We then bumped into Lion the next day at a Prison Arts and Crafts store, about 2 hours away. Weird, right?
-Took a taxi boat to the most charming island ever.
-Rode bikes, picked our meals out of a bin of lobster and fish, swam with sting rays, snorkeled around the most beautiful fish and even squeezed in a Yoga class at someone's house.
-Made friends with the guest house dog, Paco. He just loved Dominic.
-Discussed living on this island one day, how we could do that and how we could support ourselves. If we don't do this, we'll most likely go back for a Yoga retreat with the yoga lady I met (me) or for a canoe trip that lasts 4 days (dominic).
-Flew home :-(
-Went to Olympus Spa in Tacoma. Inside the spa there are all these rooms for relaxing. There are these dark, hot room where you lay on a blanket that covers salt or sand. Then there's your standard sauna, steam room, hot tubs. Everyone is naked, except for a little pink cap we all wear and showering is a must constantly. I was disappointed at how crowded it was, but relaxed once I got my hour massage and then a body scrub and moisturizer.
-The body scrub is intense. This little Asian women basically wore this loofa gloves and scrubbed the shit out of me. When she asked me how I felt, I said it feels like the most glamorous car wash ever. And it was. You'd think the scrubbing would be harsh, but it was more like someone scratching a bad itch. Complete that with warm water thrown on you every few minutes and there's a body scrub.
-The moisturizing was even better. She first lathered me with olive oil, then warm milk, then honey, then covered my face with honey and aloe vera. It was so sensational. I left feeling like a brand new person - like a 30 year old baby.

And there you have it. My week of birth, belize and feeling like a baby.

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Blogger Maya said...

sounds awesome. i want to feel like a baby too! I need to start dropping hints for my birthday...

Happy belated birthday!

10:28 AM  

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