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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thankful for:

Dominic, Mom, Alyse, Josh, Bobby, my friends from here and there and everywhere in between, food, my job, shelter, clothes, my new, fire red hunter wellington boots, books, the gym, that it didn't rain today, or yesterday, the feast we ate a few hours ago with cristina and her boyfriend who's never had a thanksgiving before, health, happiness, nuva ring, diva cup, knitting, ravelry, traveling to Belize, taking solo vacations where everything is tax-free, plants, the snoring isn't as bad as it used to be, hiking, good movies, great books, that the house smells of yummy turkey as its bones are now stewing in a stock, world music, any music, music i can dance to, graphic novels, hot chocolate, apples, peanut butter, ladybugs, kittens that i don't have to take care of, baby cupcakes, taco trucks, goodreads, the library queue, this year, last year, vitamins, my CSA bin, high interest checking accounts, paying off my last 2 loans, contact lenses, lotion that doesn't have a scent to it, aveda curling solution, the cockring, wine, free, cherry pie from the Twin Peaks diner, water, smoothies, 101cookbooks, smittenkitchen, knit nights, farmer's markets, my clawfoot tub and gas stove, massages, steam rooms, tofu, a juicy burger, laying on the beach during the holidays with my Mom, the Everglades, robert is here samples, sports bras, nice people, public transportation, laughing, crying, farting, pooping regularly, tea, honey, power tools, dinner club, the internet, my macbook, trains, rainbows, clouds, white noise machine, concerts, warm towels on an airplane or at a sushi restaurant, butt wipes, bubble baths, IRAs, backgammon, gin, scrabble, Project Runway, bill murray, REI hiking shoes, the flowy Anthropologie shirt I'm wearing right now to disguise how pleasantly full I am for all the homemade food we made and ate, farming, depeche mode, a time traveller's wife, boutique book stores that i never buy anything from but like looking around nonetheless, roller coasters, county fairs, alpacas, kissing, love and everything else.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so very thankful for you!!

12:49 PM  

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