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Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm gonna stop watching TV.

Inventions are overrated.
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Right, like that's really gonna happen. But since it's Christmas time, it can only mean one thing. Crappy ads. For some reason everyone has to put a damn caroler in there ad or a Santa that looks like he's ready for another scotch. I know I shouldn't talk, because a) I haven't really made a great commercial yet. b) I know that sometimes clients suck and if they want mistle toes and frickin' reindeers then you have to give them that or else it's your job. But, whatever the reason is, here are some I've seen that might actually make me stop watching TV or at least deeply consider wasting my money on getting a Tivo instead of taking a long awaited trip to Greece or Spain or someplace fun like that.

1) Bod. I've recently been introduced to this commercial, but my roommate said it's been annoying him for years. It's a cologne for men and it comes in a spray bottle. Basically it's about guys with no shirts on and they're in a band or something. The whole commercial is in an off-color purple and there's loud music and some chick whose only lines were to say Bod in a creepy phone-sex, kinda voice. The people over at Bod must be really worried about how there sales are going at K-Mart and Walgreens to make such a crappy ad. I just wish they'd save their money and stop their advertising so I don't have to see their crappy commercial after watching some fatty get murdered on Desperate Housewives.

2) Glade Wisp Air Freshners. Ugh. I'm not even entirely sure if this commercial sucks or not, but I'm just totally creeped out by the product. Why is my air freshner puffing? Do I really need to see something puff? Are people really that bored that they need to stand around an air freshner waiting for the magic to begin. Ugh, people!

3) Some crappy Honda ad. I'm not sure if anyone else gets to see this commerical because I think it's just a Michigan thing we all get to suffer through, but I keep seeing this ad where there's a woman getting her teeth cleaned and then all of a sudden these carollers show up and start singing Merry Christmas or some shit like that. Then they cut back to the woman in the dental chamber and the dentist and they're singing too. Then it cuts to a Honda car and the announcer says some speil about We at Honda would like to wish you a Happy Holiday. I thought i had missed something, because the lady in the dentist chair didn't mention anything about cars, and no one in the ad was driving a car, so why the hell in god's name were these people at a dentist office singing carols for a car spot. Who are the geniuses that came up with this one? I dare you to step up and explain this ad if you were the one that produced this crap. These are the type of ads where I think to myself, I will never buy a Honda based on the crap you try to feed me on TV you stupid, stupid fools.


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