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Monday, February 16, 2009

Question #6

Why does it seem like people with peanut allergies are the most uptight people in the world? Dominic just said, "Tell the blog that I'm allergic to bees and I don't demand bee-free rooms." Heck, he even camps and has gone into the wild, Epi-Pen and all. I totally get that this allergy is an issue and that to be in contact with a peanut could mean instant death, but why has this become such a thing lately?

I just read that Northwest Airlines passengers are protesting because the airline serves peanuts. Does this mean these passengers never go to Thai restaurants or football gatherings or any other airline, for that matter? I really just don't get why these peanutphobes are so much more allergic than other allergies. You never hear people who are allergic to strawberries making a big fuss.

Plus, have you noticed that allergic is just a weird word. I don't like saying it out loud. And I really want to put a k at the end, damn it.