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Thursday, December 17, 2009

a girl. a farm. a dream.

I've officially hit the teens in my student loan. Right now I'm $18,XXX in debt and in less than 13 months I'll owe NOTHING to NO ONE!

So then what? Because I'm not currently being as creative as I hoped this career would take me, I've done what every Arliss has done: think too much. Being debt-free means I could really consider buying a house or save up more for a grand vacation or quit everything, start all over and live on a farm.

I think I'm leaning towards (c)

For awhile now, it's all I can think about (okay, I also think about the typical girl dreams of owning a vintage store or having a B&B) but this farm thing seems to be the one dream I'm most fascinated about. I think, maybe because it's actual work. Like hard work. Like the opposite of what I do now. I'd have to wake up earlier than my normal 5am. I'd have to pull at things and tend to things and convince people to buy things from me. I'd have to do a lot and most likely I'll be more tired than ever. And I'd make a lot less money. But I think I could be ready for all of that.

So I keep telling myself, I'm going to try it out first. If I like it, then I'll keep try it in other places. I'll meet people, make connections and figure out the next steps. If I don't like it, then I'll have to do something else. But it'll have to different than what it is now. Or else.

I think I would love to start a new blog all about this whole farming thing. I could post my findings up until my actual apprenticeship, and then when I start living and learning I'd post daily commentary about that too. That could help me figure out if I actually want to make this huge leap, and also let my mom know I'm still alive whilst living in some island on Hawaii (where I'll be going for my internship).

Now, if only I could get these 13 months to hurry up already. I'm getting kinda impatient.

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