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Monday, December 20, 2004

I want to slit my wrists.

Learn sign language.
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I am so bored. My partners aren't here this week, there's nothing to do workwise and playing games and writing this shit only takes up a portion of my day. I'm trying to look for something that would properly slit my wrists but all I have on my desk are a stapler with no staples inside, a phone, a Readymade magazine, a nalgene bottle and a fake milk carton thanks to the smarty pants at crispin porter and the mini cooper. I have to do this all week long. Ugh, I wonder how dying from boredom actually feels like. I imagine it's something reletively close to this, but instead of sitting at a desk you're sitting at a 5 hour long meeting about the evolution of cottage cheese. Mmm, cottage cheese and peaches sounds good right about now. I'll be writing about 10 more times today. I'm sure of it.


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