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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Help me decide (Maya)!

Yesterday I was telling Nicole and Maya how much I want a sewing machine. I've actually been dreaming about having my own ever since my grandma passed away. She made me lots of things. Hats, sweaters, blankets. You name it, she made it. She had one of those old ones that was inside a table. And when she passed, I remember asking my dad if we could take it because at the time I didn't really want to sew, but I had a feeling I would want to learn some day. And if anything I'd want to keep that piece of history with me. Of course, my crazy ruthless father said no. He didn't want anything really. And didn't want to have to carry such a heavy thing to the car and then to the house. So, off it went with all the other priceless things I'll never see again. It's probably collecting dust at a Goodwill as we speak.

Then, today Nicole tells me she got one for her birthday. Which I thought was such a coincidence because we just talked about it, and I've been looking on ebay for a few days for one. And here's what I came upon.

Door Number 1

Door Number 2

Now, obviously Number 1 is awesome, but it looks real old. Both say they are in working condition. I didn't really know what to ask the sellers, besides does the pump work and how much do they weigh (although number 2 says 30 lbs so I'm assuming number 1 is at least 50). But really I have no clue about sewing machines. Sure, it's probably logical to get a new one. One that costs a few hundred bucks. But I'm not logical, nor do I have a hundred bucks. I go with my gut. And my gut says to go with something old and classic. Something that reminds me of my grandma. So, if anyone out there wants to help me decide, you know what to do....


Anonymous nicole said...

How funny that I NEVER read your blog, sorry I do love you, and today you're talking about sewing machines. Cuuute. They are definitely NOT hundreds of dollars. I mean they can be. They can be 3 grand, but obviously us novices don't need these kinds. Budget Living had recommended the mini ultra for beginners. And on Sears' website it's 70 bucks. Could be 90 now. Overstock has lots of different ones. Some less expensive, some more. Good brands are Brother and Kenmore. Kenmore is what Leo got. And the boy knew NOTHING about machines. haha. And neither did I. The vintage ones are really cool too. So I have no idea what you shoud do. Thats's just what I did. Go to amazon and look at reviews. Those are really helpful too. Also the people at JoAnn's. They're super helpul. Let me know what you decide!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Mayarn said...

I know it's nostalgic and all, to get an old sewing machine, but if you actually want to make something you should really get a new one. New sewing machines are powered by something called "electricity" and they does cool things like help you "sew in a straight line."

Like nicole said, kenmore and brother are best. I have a Kenmore and I'm pretty sure it didn't cost more that $100 (my mom got it for me several years ago). Brother sewing machines tend to be more highend and are often more expensive. You can even get one at Target if you want to. I say follow Nicole's advice and look at reviews and then just cough up the money. It will make everything easier in the long run.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Don't be stupid. If you want to actually make stuff get a new one. But if you just want a cool but cumbersome decoration, get whichever old crap you think looks the best. But using it will just be a giant ball of frustration and you know it in your gut.

So why, you might ask, am I today reading your blog and posting three comments...when we've lived together for almost a year and I've never really looked at your blog?

Because you're not returning my calls, Roomie. I've left you probably 3 messages since Thursday, and was hoping to find a clue on your whereabouts here. Have you gone so Internet nuts that your blog or myspace are faster ways to reach you than phone? Listen to your messages and call me back.


9:20 AM  

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