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Thursday, March 02, 2006


UFO = Unfinished Object (those crazy knitters and their wacky slang)

I'm trying to make my greatest and only nephew an Ipod cozy, and I just can't do it. This pattern is too confusing. So, like my sister's purse and the tank top I've been trying to make- I just gave up. I'm waiting for Maya to come home next week (yay!!) so she can help me finish my sister's almost completed purse and I'm gonna just find a much easier cozy pattern for the Ipod. It might not look as cool, but it will give me less headaches, and me with less headaches means a happier world for everyone.

Then, I must buy yarn fast for I will be departing on a little plane trip next week and need something to occupy all those hours of uncomfortable sitting. Maybe I'll download a movie also on my fabulous new love of my life.

Okay, folks. Back to knitting during my lunch hour.


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