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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dancing in the Gym.

Now that I've downloaded all 5,045 songs onto my ipod, I can't let it go. I take it everywhere, even the bathroom. I'm quite literally obsessed with its sweet musical power. I never have to talk to people or hear annoying chatter while waiting at the grocery store. And my favorite place to listen to it is of course the gym.

It's funny, that Before Ipod (B.I.) I kinda laughed at all the people who would dance around the gym, sometimes singing out loud or making weird hand gestures as to almost dance, but also keep it cool. There was this one guy who was just so excited all the time. He would do these Rocky motions in the air and jump up and down when he heard a song he liked. These weird gym people never stop amazing me.

But I never really related to all their crazy antics because I used to just have a radio (so prehistoric!) and would only listen to either npr or talk radio in the morning, as trying to listen to actual music on the fm would drive me bonkers. I mean I write those commercials you hear, and they bother me too!

So, yesterday, I was sporting my new Ipod in its retro/gameboy lookin' case (that I got for free, of course) and Fucker from Fischerspooner came on. I'm on the treadmill and all I wanted to do was dance around singing with my arms open wide. But, I realized I couldn't do that. Because then people would join in and we'd all look like something out of a scene from Grease. And Grease kinda sucks. Okay, I'm lying, but Olivia Newton John really irritates me.


Blogger Mayarn said...

I just shake my head and nod alot while working out and listing to my ipod. I'm dancing, but it looks like I'm thinking really hard about my work out. Or something...

1:20 PM  

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