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Friday, August 25, 2006

Beer at the Zoo

We're having our Summer Party in a few hours and of all places to have a party, my agency decided on the Zoo. We're not your typical big company where everyone wears suits and we all talk about work. When we hear the words beer, free food and the zoo we're all over it. And to make matters more interesting and festive we're having this random scavenger hunt. So, not only do I guarantee that by the nights' end an animal will mysteriously escape, but I'm also 90% positive someone will die looking for a hidden egg in the lion's cage.

Oh, and did I mention the fabulous Knutt Bell will be performing. Honestly, I've never heard of him but his picture was too Southern awesome for words. I will be dancing and drinking way too much. And then heading over to The War Room for more dancing and drinking.

This is all to celebrate Mike's birthday of course. As he turns 35 today!!!! Funny, as he looks younger than me but has a soul of a 70 year old. And he's not here for me to smother him with kisses because he has to live way over in Detroitville. But hopefully in a month or so he'll be back, looking for a job and all that other shit.

Love and hugs and happy day to you baby!


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