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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Water bottles a go go.

It's weird that this plane chaos is happening because I was actually gonna write about my plane experience I had on Sunday. I was flying from Detroit to Seattle, and noticed this weird machine in the x-ray line. Apparently, now in major airports they have this cage thing you go into and it puffs air on your body, smelling for drugs and bombs.

This immediately caught my eye, because I know plenty of people that still moronically bring illegal things on airplanes. Not me though. I saw Midnight Express and don't want to be put in a Turkish prison for a joint. I'm the type of girl who gets scared when a cop stops me or even when I walk through the airport, even if I have nothing on me. Because in my head I think, what if someone planted something on me while I was at that party? What if I slept walked in the middle of the night and hid all that coke in my purse? Really, I figure if I'm that hard up to get stoned I can find it at my arriving destination because ya know, drugs are everywhere.

But now this whole bombing thing seems much more important to talk about. Not really because of the bombs, or the really long lines or all the cancelled flights, but because now I have a feeling I won't be able to bring my own water/pbj/fruit onto a plane anymore. They'll ban them, like they've banned lighters and a flimsy useless swiss army knife that belonged to my grandpa (which couldn't cut a tomato, let alone a pilot's neck). I think the terrorists are just making it more impossible for me to enjoy flying. So now, I'll have to beg for more juice when the stewardess walks by, and I'll have to buy $10 soggy turkey sandwiches instead of bringing my good food/water from home.

All because of terrorists.


Anonymous maurene said...

i would like to give out a hearty Fuck You to the terrorists right now.

4:31 PM  

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