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Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm changing my name to my same name.

For anyone in the advertising world, then you know what Adcritic is. Well, I found out today that I'm kinda in it.

I say kinda, because when I checked the credits on the site I helped write I noticed something strange. Actually, it really wasn't strange. My name was spelled wrong. It was Barry Arliss. This is very typical in the life of me. In fact, the next time I send out anything where people might not understand that the spelling BARRIE means girl, I'll just matter of factly write Barrie "a fucking chick if you can't tell by the IE at the end of Barrie" Arliss.

I'm seriously not surprised or upset by this. The only funny thing is that this is my first time in a pretty recognized ad geek thing, and I wanted to show my Mom that my name was in it. But now I can't, because she didn't give birth to a Barry Arliss.

In other news, Carl got a motorcycle. Let's all pray he doesn't fucking beef it on his fucking sweet Triumph (not the dog).

And in more news, my Mom was very worried when I didn't call her at 2 am (her time) last night to report that I had indeed landed back in Seattle. When I got her email saying how could I? I always call or do something. So I wrote back saying I was too tired and that probably makes me a bad daughter. Then, I ended the email with:

But really, if my plane crashed I'm sure you would have heard about it eventually.

Barrie (NOT BARRY!)


Anonymous thereluctantninja said...

You didn't call me either! How could you be so selfish, Barry! (Actaully, you did call me yesterday *before* you left The D and after I got your message saying I didn't have to come pick you up I went and got drunk! Wooohooo!)

Yeah dude, let's hang out this week or something. And camping will be fun. Yeah. Word. Let's just go fuck some shit up.

1:58 PM  

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