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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You can tell how my busy I've been this week...

This weekend Seattle has some huge Pride festival, complete with guys in gag balls and whips and chains. This is actually low key compared to last weekends Solstice festival which displayed naked bikers travelling throughout the city.

And you wonder why I love this place.

I was invited to go to a Gay Porn moving night complete with banana splits and nuts and dirty drinks this Friday. It'll almost be like a bachelorette party, except no one is getting married.

So when I tell Dominic that I'm going to things like this he shakes his head. Not in disappointment, but in confusion. Why would I want to watch a pizza delivery boy flirt with the pool boy? Well, I couldn't really come up with an answer. Because it's funny? Because we're a bunch of weird girls with too much time on our hands? Beceause we've never seen two guys doing it in the butts?

Probably all our true.

Despite his uneasiness, I was excited to receive an email from him asking how many people would be in attendance to this gay porn screening. Why? Because he wants to get us all gifts! It'll be a surprise, but I'm just glad he understands. Because that's what a boyfriend should be like, right? He should understand when you want to watch gay porn with your girlfriends, eat ice cream, get drunk and knit the night away.

Mom, I think I found a winner.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

as long as your understanding also!!

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