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Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been busy...

Shit, I haven’t really blogged in awhile. I swear I’ve been busy. I’ve been seeing tulips and opening IRA accounts and going to movies for free. I’ve been blogging on a Seattle website. I’ve been freelancing. I’ve been getting haircuts and knitting my ass off. I’ve been going on vacation and planning more vacations. I’ve been training for my first marathon (really, it’s just a race). I’ve been spending time with some friends and going to Ice Cream shoppe grand openings. I’ve been roller skating (yes, roller skating!) at beaches and waiting for the days to be completely sunny. I’ve been hiking to Wallice Falls, Zion National Park and Bryce National Park. I’ve been in Vegas and Hoover Dam and way too many casinos to count. I’ve been in Utah, where we stayed at my first bed and breakfast, had the most amazing dinner of our lives and decided that Utah is now my new favorite state. I’ve been cooking a lot lately and thank www.101cookbooks.com for her endless inspiration as I make everything she posts and the meals come out yummy every time. I’ve been going to concerts (well, just one, but it was a good one) and seeing friends off as they embark on big road trips or month long vacations to Germany. I’ve been boxing at Cappy’s and yes, it was hard and awesome and I wish I could throw caution to the win and pay $25 for every class, but the introductory $5 punch-a-thon was enough for me. I’ve been thinking about all the places I should show Jen when she comes for a visit and planning my own personal (meaning, I go totally alone, not knowing anyone, and not having anyone with me) vacation that I want to take within the year. I’ve been thinking about moving, because it’s just too peaceful in Queen Anne and I miss the chaos a little. I’ve been on my endless search for finding the perfect quilt that doesn’t look like it crawled out of Target or West Elm or any other mass produced piece that I could find at a friend’s house and say, “Oh damn it. We have the same fucking quilt.” I’ve been taking baths and trying to sleep more. I’ve been taking my vitamins and calling my mom. I’ve been writing down every single thing I spend and have realized that a huge portion goes to this grocery store and that grocery store and I’m not sure how to limit that just yet, because if I get any smaller I may disappear. I’ve been thinking about buying a jean jacket I saw at The Gap, and I haven’t been to the Gap in maybe 5 years until Dominic needed some clothes and we went and I saw it and tried it on, but decided that I didn’t want to spend the money then, and now I do, so I hope it’s still there, but if it isn’t then I guess it’s meant to be, but I’ll be sad about it. I’ve been painting my nails and making more attempts to look somewhat stylish, without looking trendy and dull. I’ve been watching TV a lot less, to the point of not missing it at all and when I go to Dominics and turn it on I usually turn it off a half hour later because I'm bored and rather be outside. I’ve been reading more magazines, different magazines and even, gasp, Investor Business Daily, where just this morning I saw that my uncle was quoted in one of their articles. I’ve been happy and sad and everything in between.



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