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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Someone else makes me clean.

After looking at my finances, and realizing I spend the majority of my paycheck on groceries (so far this month, $200!! on groceries/local farm deliver service!!) and after paying an additional $450 a month toward the next student loan and adding to my IRA and building up my emergency account and my "dream" account every month, I still have money for things.

So I decided to get a cleaning lady.

I should note that I'm a pretty clean person. I'm not a fan of clutter at all. I always do my dishes and make my bed and throw out mail and make sure the place smells like incense or good foods, but have noticed that I just don't have the time to dust or scrub the toilet anymore. I don't actually mind doing these things. You might even call me weird when I say I enjoy doing these things. As a kid, I vividly remember sleeping over my friend's house whose Mom was so messy that I would decide we should play "Maid Game" and clean up their entire apartment. It was a great time for me, but a huge disappointment when I'd come back for the next sleepover only to discover everything was put back in its messy place.

So when I found an honest lady who could clean my place for $30 once a month, I felt that this wasn't putting a huge dent in my checking account. I decided that my time could be put to better use, than say mopping. Even though I normally like this kind of task, I also would like to have more time to knit or look for unicorns or have sex.

And this morning, when I came home to a shiny floor and a spotless refrigerator I knew that my money was well spent.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember as a young girl & I probably have pictures to prove it your room looked like a hurricane hit it. When did you get so clean? When you had to do it yourself.

3:48 PM  

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