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Thursday, July 17, 2008


You know when you have a secret and you can't tell anyone because you just can't? And actually, you've been holding in this secret from everyone you know except for Dominic for quite some time now, but today you can finally say something. Today is the day, but just not right now. And these last few hours are just the worst cause you really want to tell everyone you kept this from and maybe even some strangers too. You want to run down the street and shake people. You want to tell the bus driver. Tell the mailman. Tell the 2 spiders that happily live in your (my) bathroom. But you have to wait, because you just have to. And time is just ticking by so slowly. 2:26. Ooh, 2:27!

(And no, I'm not preggers. That wouldn't be a secret I would be so excited to share with you people on the internet. That's for damn sure.)



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