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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a big girl now.

I used to borrow a drill from a friend and then I would thank him with cookies. But I could sense my friend didn't want any more cookies. Sure my baked goods are yummy, but with all my moving around Seattle I was starting to make him cookies on a monthly basis and he was starting to ask me if his butt looked big in those jeans.

So I did what anyone else who's bored at work does. I went on amazon, looked at reviews, picked the cheapest drill with the best rating and now I'm the proud owner of a Black and Decker, swivel 12-volt thing that hangs up my heavy shelving and pot racks.

For some reason, I never really feel adult. Even though I sometimes wear an apron when I cook, I have a maid and I save my bills for tax purposes none of this is quite like buying your very first drill. I've officially entered the big girl phase. Dare I even say I've become an adult thanks to this very normal, things you need in life, purchase.

And yet, it seems like yesterday that I was skipping class to do bong hits. I can't believe it either.



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