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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And away we goooooooo

Trying to remember everything is so hard. Especially when there were so many highlights. Here’s what my brain is retaining after a week-long vacation with the one and only, Dominic.

-After driving a few hours, we were both starving and the town Dominic turned into was my personal Hell. Every single “restaurant” was a fast food chain. I picked Subway, had my shitty sandwich and restarted my no fast food calendar (I had gone 6 years until this day).

-I wore jeans with a jean jacket.

-We bumped into someone after a hike, while waiting for the bathroom, who happens to live 2 blocks away from us. The t-shirt she was wearing tipped Dominic off and we realized how small this world really is.

-After a freak thunderstorm that derailed our original dinner plans (all of Moab was out of power) we drove 30 minutes along the Colorado River during sunset. This ride was unbelievable and ended with a family of deer grazing near the restaurant.

-Running every morning with just me, my ipod and the canyons as my view.

-Making my own cairn (little rock formations that act as trail guides).

-Driving to Arizona was pretty spectacular, except I got sick and drank so much tea that our pit stops nearly doubled. One of the stops included an Indian jeweler on the side of the highway who told us that where we were marked where Forrest Gump stopped running. We looked again, nodded in agreement, took pictures and truly felt like we on some great American road trip.

-Our Native American tour guide led us through Antelope Canyon, took our cameras straight from our hands, took a picture and would show us all, saying, “This is a beautiful picture. See. It’s beautiful. Isn’t that beautiful?” He was pretty awesome.

-Horseshoe Bend. Go. Now.

-Grilled the ranger at Glen Canyon Dam to find out what Dams are. I’m still not quite sure.

-Then, grilled burgers we bought in Moab. Elk burgers to be exact.

-Saw rocks that looked like Toadstools and plants that looked edible, but Dominic wouldn’t let me eat them.

-Drove by the Neon Graveyard. Forgot my camera and kept on driving.

-Played lots of pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Dominic and I tied for best pinballer.

-Got massages together in Vegas and the ladies just couldn’t get enough of Dominic. Grrr!

-Sat in a Jacuzzi, sweated in a steam room and sauna and covered my eyes with cucumbers for 3 whole hours!

-Saw Ka (or what I kept calling, Ka Kaw). Glad I finally got a Circus O’Lay out of my system. Now I never have to do that again.

-Had some fine dining sushi where the wasabi cost $10! This was okay by me, since we had been eating our breakfast and lunch from our groceries for 5 days straight. We were allowed to splurge on green glob at this point.

-Gambled for a total of an hour and only lost $20 at Paigow. I’m so not a risk taker.

So there you have it. I could actually write a book about this trip. We did so damn much and saw even more! This year is already booked up, but I’m hoping next year we’ll go to New Mexico or Alaska with the same road trip mentality. We already have a Pacific Coast Highway roadtrip in the works and I’m already itching to plan it, even if it is a year away.

Here’s to happy adventures and a beautiful summer!

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