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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes vacations come at the perfect time.

This week has been a bit nuts.

-Dominic and I have been dealing with moving. I'm the planner and he's more of the last minute guy. This can be difficult sometimes, but I've learned that he'll just do things at his pace and I'll do mine at my pace.

-Every single day seems to be jammed pack, so actual packing time has been minimal. This, of course, is driving me crazy bananas because I want everything in a box and ready to go when the movers come May 1st.

-Dominic told the land lady she can text HIM. But she took that as she can text ME. I've been getting text messages every single fucking day about the stupidest shit. I finally told her to stop, as I don't even read them. She is a sweet woman though, so I let those first 10 messages slide.

-Trying to hunt down the people who currently own the building we rent from now is such a pain. They are so weird. They change their company name every other day and I wouldn't be surprised if they just packed up and left. I can foresee trouble when it comes to getting my deposit back. But I won't back down! That's for damn sure.

-While dealing with moving and getting ready for this Montana vacation, my mother decided that it was alright to call Dominic and me in a frantic panic because SHE JUST HAD TO GET ON SKYPE THAT DAY AND NO OTHER DAY AHHHHHHHHHHH. After gentle pushing her to learn these things on her own, because it's sometimes impossible to explain this stuff over the phone, especially when I have a Mac and she has a Dell, and because she really needs to learn how to use the Internet and not depend on people so much, she told me to GO FUCK MYSELF. Who says that to their daughter? I just don't know.

-I'm selling stuff that won't fit in my office, buying things that will, scouring craigslist for the perfect vintage coat rack, trying to figure out if I should sew my own drapes or worse, go to IKEA and deal with insanity, adding more money into our joint accounts to pay for the new, higher rent, trying to find a moment to go to Costco and pick up my contacts that have been waiting for me for over a month now, finding the time to return books to the library and return my vitamins at Bartells (like Walgreens) because the Sealed for Protection part of both the bottles I bought looks like they've been burned off and trying to find a second to pack for Montana, which we're heading to in t-minus 4 hours.

So yeah, a little crazy here. Looking forward to the day when we're settled in the new, totally fabulous house.



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