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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can you tell I've had a 6am meeting and then nothing to do all day thereafter?

I've rediscovered some of my favorite comic bloggers and this one in particular about Scrabble really speaks to me.

You see, Dominic is an interesting player. I'm of the I don't care if I win or lose variety. It's always just a good game for me. But, Dominic, being the guy that he is gets competitive. Not like throw the board across the room competitive, but he just really wants to win competitive. I believe I'm ahead of him in most games except for Skeeball. When he played Scrabble against my family and won on using a Yiddish word (oi, i believe) I knew he really wanted to throw fists in the air, moondance on the tile and say, "In your face suckas". Since he was on his best behavior he held that in.

But at our local coffee shop when it's just him and I playing, he will dance and fist the air all he wants because complete strangers won't dare judge him :-)


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