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Monday, December 20, 2004

Who's pretending to be my boss, damn it?

Are you the boss?
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So, I was secretly thrilled to see one lonely little comment on my very first blog. It was from my boss, but when I asked her about my blog she looked at me like I was retarded (which might be true). Now I'm racking my brain about who this phantom is and I've narrowed it down to these people:

1)Leo- my art director who's main goal in life is to play evil tricks on me.

2)Nicole- my other art director, who is dating Leo and therefore might be up to something.

3)Mark- he might do this, but then again he probably hasn't read this because he's playing San Andreas right now.

4)Nik- he might be the only other person that knows my boss's name, oh except for...

5)Kelly- but she would tell me that she tricked me 5 minutes after she posted it.

Please somebody, help me solve this mystery. Anybody? Hello?


Blogger Lara said...

Just happened along your blog and actually just wanted to say that i like your sense of humor! Very funny and entertaining to a bored soul like myself.

11:44 AM  

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