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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All I want to do is Blog!

Work. Work. Work.

Why can't I just blog all day long? Oh, how happy I would be. I could knit and talk to friends, and watch tv and listen to my itunes, and write. But then I wouldn't have a job and I'd be poor, and probably have to sell my computer for toilet paper, hence no blogging or ituning. This sucks. I wish I could talk about certain things, but because of Dooce and the fact that Leo (hola- or however you say hello in your alien language) always scares the shit out of me, I never will.

I will though talk about my crazy family one day. Not today though, because it's back to work, work, work I go.


P.S. While on the first of 4 planes this weekend, I read a disturbing, yet hysterical piece of information in one of those Sky Magazines. A dog was king for 3 years in Norway!


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