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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yipee! My very first hate mail.

Okay, it's not really mail, but I sort of consider my little comments mail, so there. But it was hateful, and I loved it! Keep um coming, Mr. Anonymous. I'm glad you took the time to read my crappy blog to actually go to the comment page, waste your time writing it, and then going on with your pathetic life writing sad comments on other people's blogs. You rock da hizzouse. For anyone who doesn't read my comments because they're usually from Maya (hi!) or Nicole (yo!), here's what Mr. Anonymous had to say to me:

Crap blog. I hope you catch fire.

Wow! Not only do I have a crap blog (which is true. it's crap, pure crap. i should never write again. boo hoo. can you see me crying at my cube? you're fab!), but this person who doesn't even know me (or does he/she??) would actually like me to catch on fire. Is that really necessary? He could've just left it at crap blog, but he "hoped" I caught on fire. Man, I "hope" I'm not around any matches or gas stoves anytime soon because if I do catch on fire I know I can thank Mr. Anonymous for all his warm wishes. Warm wishes- get it?


Blogger Kate said...

Hey, I found you b/c someone went from your site to mine so I checked you out. I think your great and I'll be reading ya~

9:11 AM  

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