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Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow, more like noooooO!

Mommy, lookie lookie.
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If you're wondering who that petrified 26 year old girl is, well, it's me. Little 3 year olds were going down the hill doing headstands and shit while I look like a grandma holding on for dear life. This was the second time I've tried sledding and actually it was a lot of fun, except for climbing up that damn hill 4 times. Good thing I quit smoking cigarettes, because this is not a sport for people with smoking induced asthma. (FYI- I was gonna use the word emphasema instead of smoking induced asthma, but I can't spell and either can my art director, so asthma it is. Now back to your blog....).

So, after a good hour of sledding, Mark and I headed back to our warm home, whilst listening to NPR, some chick says Johnny Carson beafed it from emphasema (I really should learn how to spell). I immediately called my mom, cause I knew she'd freak. She always goes balistic whenever I tell her some famous person dies. Like she knows that guy. So, I told her, and indeed, you'd think I told her my grandma died again. I think she dropped the phone and a little whimper creeped out, but that's my mom for you. Hopefully, that funny bastard is laughing it up and maybe even interviewing dead people.

That's all for today. I smell a lot of work coming my way.

P.S. What I really couldn't believe about Johnny's passing, was that Ed McMan is still kicking. I mean that dude is still passing out checks to people in trailers like everyday.


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