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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

People that might hate me.

Ever since my little hate comment, I've decided to make a list of people that might hate me. Really, I'm hoping they don't hate me anymore because whatever I've done to them I'm sure they forgotten about it and most likely they've forgotten about me. Which makes me happy, because I've discovered that it takes way too much time to hate someone. It's a lot easier to let go. Now that's I've become one with the world whilst doing my downward facing dog whilst farting, here's my list (without names, because if it got back to these people I wouldn't want them to hate me again.)

People who might hate me:

1)That chick in college that I had beef with over a guy, but really the beef was over our friendship and all her lies, thus in a drunken blur I threw a beer in her face and just made a mess of a situation. Still it's a good story to tell my kids one day. "Hey, your mommy was in a girl fight, and I got kicked out of a bar. Omm."

2)Nik's friend, who I wrote a nasty little incrimidating letter to. He stupidly threw out every single contact I had made in advertising after Nik and I broke up, and needless to say I was pissed. But I told him I'd do crazy girl blackmail type things, and of course I never did, but I'm sure he was pissed and probably hated me for at least a few minutes.

3)Anyone who doesn't use their blinkers or who stops for no apparent reason. I curse at you all the time, especially if you're an old little wench. I can't help it. You can't drive and I'm too impatient to deal with your shit. One time I cursed a guy out and he noticed and followed me. He hated me for sure.

Only number 1 and maybe 2 might really have hated me. Number 3, um, not as much, for obvious reasons. But I got sidetracked with lunch, and people coming to my cube, and plus having more than 3 people really hating you probably isn't a good thing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's me. nicole. i'll post my name so you don't think i'm some person with a crush on you or something. but i just want to say that i hate people who have bad (er, i mean poor) grammar. for example, you say/write 'your' instead of 'you're'. this one really friggin gets to me. and loose instead of lose. and people who don't use adverbs. especially writers or even plain old educated people. use adverbs already. they're great and they make you sound smart.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Art SC said...

Whether by grammatical accident or on purpose, I instantly fell in love with your cool new adjective: "incrimidating".

It somehow manages to actually capture the essence of implying that something might be both a threat and yet a bit gun-shy, itself. COOL!

Like your blog, don't understand it, but I like it. :D

Feel free to drop by, it's only a few days old so far and I'm still getting my legs. My 'blog is: Hey! What About ME?!!

Take care and pass a good time!


8:57 AM  

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