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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The things I do when I'm bored.

There's about 5 people here today. It's scary quiet. Actually, some chicky just passed my office and she literally jumped because she was surprised to see anyone on this side of the hall. With that said, I'm bored and did a little experiment. I had no idea you can search for words in your own blog. And once I discovered this, I've been messing around and me being the dork that I am, I jotted them down. And now I'm gonna show these jots to do. (if jotted is a word, then can't jots be too? i think so)

How many times the following words appeared in this blog (although I don't think this search engine is accurate, because I know for a fact I've used the word Mommy more than 5 times):

Shit fuck: 1
Hate Michigan: 2
Boobs: 3
Fart: 3
Drunk: 4
Crying: 5
Sex: 5
Mommy: 5
Boyfriend: 6
Bored: 8
Mom: 13
Maya: 26
Fuck: 33
Steve: 35
Shit: 54
The: 114

Okay, that was completely meaningless to you. But it kept me entertained for oh, a whole hour! Now, I think I'm gonna go home. Eat some split pea soup that my grandma didn't make cause she's dead, and that's sad cause her split pea soup was the best ever. And then I'm gonna watch movies, take naps and enjoy the weekend without turkey. PETA would be so proud.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Blogger Mayarn said...

there is no way you say "maya" more than you say "drunk"

4:31 PM  

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