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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Conversations I didn't want to hear or have.

Yesterday at around 2ish at Plato's Closet:

Disgruntled Employee: God, will this day ever end?

Me: Right. Here's my stuff.

DE: Ooh, what an awesome top. This would be very expensive in a regular store.

Me: Oh, really? Yeah, I was sort of wondering what Fornarina was. I just liked the design and sleeves really.

DE: Oh, well Fornarina means it's really expensive. Take it from me.

Me: Um, okayyyyy. (You being a girl that works at Plato's Closet.)

DE: Don't you just hate working?

Me: Um, sure.

DE: Everything is such a mess. Ahhh. Where was I?
Where is everyone? Is no one working today? AHHH!
Here's your receipt.

Me: Thanks crazy lady. (I didn't really say that.)

Today around 7 amish. (haha- i was trying to say am ish and it comes out as amish. where was i? right...)

The scene is at the gym. The only people inside the gym today was me, the trainer who's overweight and the guy who grunts like he's having a girly orgasm (see previous posts if you have no idea what I'm talking about).

Overweight Trainer guy: Hi, I'm talking really really loud. I know there's just 3 people in here, but fuck it. I'm gonna keep talking loud, to you, my friend that grunts like he's having a girly orgasm.

Girly Orgasm guy: I will do the same thing, my brother. I will converse with you at an equally high volume, even though there's no other noise to cause this loudness. In fact, only 2 people are using the quietiest of machines and yet I will talk so loud to you that the entire Y will echo with every word I say.

Me: AHHHHHHHHHH! Can't I just read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius on the ellipitical machine without you two bothering me!!!! You two are having mindless conversations. It's torture to listen to you both, especially when you two are so damn fucking loud. I want to strangle you. And if I strangle you, I wonder if I could skip out on working my arms today?


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