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Monday, November 21, 2005

Just some things to discuss.

I can't believe I ate you.
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1. I had my first Coney dog on Friday at around 3am (techinically Saturday). I'm not quite sure why people like this. It was the nastiest shit I've ever digested. There's a hot dog, right? And then they add chili. And then onions. And you can't pick it up, you have to use a fork. And basically it looks like prison food. And then the next day you have heart burn. Why would people eat that shit?? I will never do that to myself again. No matter how drunk I am.

2. I was supposed to have Thanksgiving with a friend, but he had to just back out. Thus, this will be my very first Thanksgiving completely alone. Steve tried to suggest this person or that person. But everyone here has a family to go to. And I do not. I sorta don't mind. I will just miss the turkey and stuffing. But this sorta reminded me of 2 thanksgivings.

a) I remember (and I could totally be wrong, and most likely this will upset the Mommy) that when we lived in Allentown, PA my mom made hamburgers for Thanksgiving, and my dad had to work.

b) When I lived in Atlanta, Nik and I decided to not go to Kansas to see his family. So, Kelly and I went to Publix- bought everything already made and with just 60 bucks and 2 hours the three of us had the best Thanksgiving ever.

3. Dangerous my Ass

a) I've been to every place on the dangerous list. And out of all of them, I'd actually think they might be mistaken. Gary, Indiana should be number 1, as it's indeed one of the scariest places I've ever been to. (I was a little surprised by Richmond- because that place is cool) I mean, I've been to Israel- where we were constantly reminded not to go on public buses because of bombs but this was nothing compared to Gary (aka- where Michael Jackson grew up). When I went there, I was with Caitlin and we had to desperately use the bathroom on the way to Chicago. We entered what basically looked like something out of Boyz n the Hood. So, I turned my car around right after passing the first stoplight, because if we had stopped for anything, we would have been sold for parts. Don't go there!
b) I've lived in two of the most dangerous.
c) I currently work in one of the most safest (Troy, MI). And honestly, I think it's considered safe because we have a very fancy mall nearby. Oh, and every chain restaurant imagineable. Basically, this area is filled with women who spend their rich, doctor/lawyer/automotive ceo husbands money. Everyone here wears the same shit from Banana Republic and they all get furniture at Pottery Barn. It's not safe, it's boring. Actually, it sorta reminds me of Boca Raton, but without the palm trees and old people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are breaking my heart...i wish I could help you with a fun and exciting thanksgiving...

p.s. John Wayne Gacey = Gary Indiana

and you are spot on about the void better known as Troy...

8:30 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

don't let your heart break anonymous. i so don't mind. i rather be alone for one day then with someone else's family, because what's worse than dealing with your own crazy family is someone else's crazy family. and honestly, the only thing i'll miss is gravy running down my chin.

11:12 AM  
Blogger marcia said...

Never happened. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We have always had turkey,sweet potatoes,cranberries,etc. Never never hamburgers. Your memory isn't very good. I wish you lived closer I hate that your alone for Thanksgiving

4:22 AM  

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