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Friday, November 18, 2005

I didn't find shit.

I remember when Finding Neverland came out, I thought the preview looked schmaltzy. It felt like another bio flick, with a heartfelt ending. So I never saw it in the theater. I didn't want to waste 8 bucks on a story about the guy with a last name the same as my first name. But when everyone who saw it said how good it was, I thought, well I'll I guess I could catch it when it comes on TV. I can give it that much. Thus, yesterday Steve and I watched it on Starz.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT LIKED THIS MOVIE??? Come forward. Introduce yourselves. And then smack yourself upside the head, because you're stupid. Or you just have bad taste in movies, because this one blew.

Sure, the acting was all right. The little kid was good and could cry on cue. But really, the movie was just plain boring. I didn't give a shit about any character. From the get go you knew someone was gonna die. And I just didn't care. When I finish a scarf during the span of a movie you know it fucking sucks huge, fat gooey chunks.

Now, some might say I have no soul. Which is true. I am one of the few people that didn't like Big Fish or the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which both happen to be Tim Burton and/or Johnny Depp movies- weeeeeird). I couldn't cry during Big Fish. I thought it was just stupid. And actually the few people who told me I had no soul were people who lost their fathers. So yeah, obviously you people can relate. And I can't. But honestly that really doesn't mean shit either, because I love Harold and Maude and I've never tried to kill myself or tried to get with old hags who ended up killing themself.

Have a lovely weekend.


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