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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


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Two things recently happened to my car.

1. My check engine soon light came on for the second time in one month.

2. My car was broken into during that totally awesome Halloween party.

So, I wasn't going to mention this because I didn't want to have to explain things not just to my mom, but worse, to my dad. He asks too many questions. Questions I usually don't have answers to. Thus, I end up getting very annoyed and usually end up crying because the constant questioning drives me bananas. He'll call with suggestions and schemes, and I've learned tricks to not get mad over the phone anymore, by just saying "Thanks for the suggestions and illegal schemes. I will take them into consideration, but most likely I will do what I think is best. But again, thanks dad. Okay, I love you. Is mom there?" So, Mother, I'm asking you a huge favor here. DON'T TELL HIM! I DON'T WANT ADVICE FROM ANYONE!!

The only reason I am mentioning this now is because I just found out that once again all this crap will cost me yet another 200 bucks (and this is only for the lock that was destroyed due to the break in because the check engine light is really nothing but something stupid that doesn't need to be fixed.) And the only reason I'm even telling you people how much it is, is to basically let Jessie know that going to Spain by April is becoming harder and harder with these stupid car problems. And I know I can reach her this way best. Every month, I think, "YES. I'm making money now! I can go out and still save money for my ipod/trip to Spain! AWESOME!!" And then every month, I seem to owe something to someone and thus I'm never saving anything.

Wait, now I should back up here. Because now my mother will ask lots of questions, so I'll answer everything right here in this blog.


1. Was anything stolen?
Well, yes. Luckily, I have nothing of any value in my car. So the fools that thought I had a nice car and thus have nice things inside were sadly mistaken. They ran off with a $5 stereo still in the box in my truck that's been there for almost 2 years now. BUT, then the next day I think someone actually re-broke into my car because I was almost positive my $50 headphones that I use for the gym were in the car post first break in. Then on the second day, they were gone.

2. Where were you?
Well, here's the fun part. The part I shouldn't tell you, Mommy. I was basically on 8 mile. Steve and I had to park sorta away from the crowd of cars, because well, we were sneaking into this Halloween party that usually costs $25 to get into (hence, the karma) but tickets ran out, and I knew about this secret entrance in the back. So, yeah. We parked where we shouldn't have parked. But the party we crashed was too much fun to pass up, and honestly we weren't even thinking we were in a bad neighborhood because we were too focused by the fire breathing guitars and all those crazy costumes.

3. So, what did they actually do with the car?
Here's the other funny part. I actually didn't drive home that night. Steve left at around 3ish, and I left with friends at 5ish (?). I called him drunk, making sure he got home okay in my car. I could barely hear him and was still drunk, so when he told me, yes I made it home safely but your car got broken into. I was like, yeah yeah, Steve you're always kidding around. I'll see you tomorrow. PEACE OUT! I think we actually argued about this on the phone for a little while. Him saying, no I'm not kidding. Me saying, Oh silly, yes you are. Then he finally gave up.

So, the next day. I peaked outside and saw my windows intact. I thought, Ha! Steve was kidding. Then he woke up, and demanded I actually go outside to see my car. Wherein, yes, yes, the passenger side lock was completely ripped out. I guess I should actually thank the robbers. Because it's cold right now, and if they broke my windows I'd actually have to be more active in fixing this stupid problem. Instead, I've just been parking in the driveway instead of the street and waiting 2 weeks to actually call the mechanic because I knew that eventually I'd have to fix this and pay for that, when what I really want to do is get drinks and save up for Spain.

4. And why don't you have theft insurance?
Because I didn't want to have to pay an extra 50 bucks a month.

I think that should answer everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit. This is too weird. I'm just surfing around the internet, and then I read this. I practically shit myself I was laughing so hard. I mean, this is crazy, 'cuz I'M THE GUY THAT BROKE INTO YOUR CAR!

I mean come the fuck on, small world right?

Oh, I don't have your headphones.

P.S. thanks for noticing how I was considerate and broke your lock and not the window. Hey you don't live here all your life and then fuck some one like that right before the first snow. I'm not an asshole or nuthin' just a kid with some freetime and a screwdriver.

6:43 AM  

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