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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Red Castle

I had 15 minutes to shower and look glamourous. Steve and I practically leaped into the car. Him with a fancy suit, me in this gorgeous black silky dress that I've been meaning to wear for years but never had an occasion to wear it to.

We walked in and White Castle is packed! The lights dimmed. Red balloons everywhere. Barry White tunes in the air. And the waiters.... The waiters wore nice white shirts (not tucked in. They had to represent as you know.) with a gaudy pimp inspired red top hat. The table was preset, with a reserved sign and prepared menus were handed to us. With our wine glasses filled with tap water and the sweethearts special (10 slyders, not sliders-2 fries-2 cokes) in our bellies, I'd say the White Castle Valentines Experience was a complete success.

When Steve tipped the waiter, he was so confused as to why Steve was just giving him his money. He stood there for about 30 seconds completely dumbfounded. He even came back with change after the tip, and Steve had to reexplain that "No, this is money for you. For being our waiter. This is what happens when people serve you. They get tips." But Steve, of course, said it a lot nicer and with many more words involved.

We took pictures. Wore fancy clothes. And ate the crappiest food I think I've ever put into my mouth.

I totally recommend all of you to do this next year. Mark your calendars folks! It's only 364 days away.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

Happy you had a great time:)

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