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Thursday, February 16, 2006

You talkin' to me?

I work in advertising, if you didn't already know that about me. In my job, my one requirement is to think up good ideas and write. But sometimes I don't want to think. Sometimes I have other things on my mind. Sometimes I just want to chew on a lollipop, and then chew on the straw and then stare at the computer in a daze for 2 hours. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I don't. Today, I can't really afford to do that but I wish I could. I am chewing on a straw, but I can't daze. I have phone calls to make. Things to write. Ideas to think up.

Now I know what one of my Portfolio Center teachers meant when he said sometimes he wished he just had a simple job, like tarring roofs. Because at least he wouldn't have to think every single day for the rest of his life.

Today I don't want to think or write or come up with a big idea. I want to sleep and dream and not do anything at all.

It's almost Friday....


Anonymous the rza, the gza, u-god said...

good luck lil homie, best videogame laden wishes from the west.


1:14 PM  
Blogger marcia said...

Me too!!!

3:52 PM  

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