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Monday, August 28, 2006


Friday: 12pm-10pm drank a lot with co-workers. Kinda walked around the zoo. Tried to make kids cry and then take pictures of them. Found out some good co-working gossip. Bummed too many cigarettes off of people. Went to the most amazing Cuban restaurant with a smaller group of drunk co-workers. Somehow walked over to a party. Left abruptly, took my free cab home, opened mail in the bathroom and spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out the pattern Maya sent me even though it's all in knitter's code (thanks again!). Totally passed out.

Saturday: Went to Gas Works. Pretty interesting as far as parks go. It's like Dr. Seuss land or something. Walked along some sort of trail. Went to Zach's friends bbq. Got drunk again. Ate way too much excellent food. Bummed less cigarettes this time. Came home for no real reason other than I was getting tired. Attempted to walk to this park I heard about. Decided half way there that I was too drunk to walk and talk on the phone at night. Totally passed out again.

Sunday: Woke up pretty early. Went to the gym and the park I attempted on Saturday. The trail was pretty cool and surprisingly so close to home. I love windy little paths that end up somewhere you would never expect. Although I got this bad feeling at one point that since it was 9am and I'm a girl walking alone on a deserted trail that I was for sure gonna die and no one would know until a dog sniffed my bones. I ran a little faster out of the trail. Bought a jacket Kelly would've loved for only $10 at a garage sale. Got good fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market. Went swimming and drinking by the lake with co-workers cause it was just that damn nice. Forget to watch the Emmy's and didn't really care anyway. Figured all the good stuff would be talked about on The Today Show.

All and all I can't remember that much, but I remember it was sunny and I most likely had a beer in my hand.


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