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Monday, July 31, 2006

My safety music...

I go through music phases, but really I'm pretty consistent. I just know what I like. I don't seem to follow a trend. I'll listen to a CD and if my ears don't like it, I won't keep listening to it just because my friends do or because society says it's good. Fuck, I like Justin Timberlake- always and forever! But I also like this band I'm listening to right now, The Book and I like Pinback and Spoon and Ladytron and Kanye West and so on (not a band).

But what I've noticed about all these bands is that they are very disposable. In a few years, I might not ever hear another record from Boards of Canada or BRMC. I might flip back to it on my ipod, but I won't care to see Death from Above 1979 or Architecture in Helsinski because they won't feel nostaglic, they'll just feel old.

Which brings me to my point. Where is the Elvis Presley? The Johnny Cash? The Otis Redding? The CAT STEVENS!! The Dolly Parton (old, not new) and dare I even say, the Nirvana (although I was never a die hard fan) for the new generation. Where is the music that never gets old?!

Sure, there's Radiohead and maybe Beck. But man, even they can get stale after a few years. But Dephece Mode? I can listen to them day and night.

I just think our kids are in a dire need for some greatness. That's all.

Now, all you music freaks speak your mind. I guarantee you, you're wrong.


Blogger Tactless Wonder said...

You're letting your generation show.

When I was 16, a 30-something friend of mine told me he just didn't get DM or NIN or any of the music I listened to, except for maybe David Bowie. He really liked his older stuff. He also had a pet theory: you will continue to listen and like music all your life, but really? Really really? The stuff you'll listen too when you're old and gray? He was 99% certain it'd be what you/your "generation" most embraced/identified with. Whether it be Whitney Housten, Debbie Gibson, or The Petshop Boys, for there are many many "genres" out there in my "generation's formative years."

Now that I'm in my 30s I'm seeing where he's coming from.

When we're old and gray, the "greats" will come from our sheer overplaying of them, or something.

6:34 PM  

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