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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Barrie is so sleepy...

I'm not sure if I've ever told you, blog, but when I worked at a sleepaway camp at the age of 17 I had this very random sleeping spell. I felt really tired, and just fell asleep. I didn't wake up for days. I was tested for mono and everything came back normal. The owners and my parents just assumed I was high on the pot. Then it kinda happened again a year later, except I'm not sure if I slept as much as I was just out of it for what seemed like weeks. And then it never happened again.

Yesterday, as I was flipping channels when Project Runway would play commercials something on abc news caught my eye. A disorder called KLS (mom, I can't remember what this stands for; Klein something Syndrome). They have no idea how people get this, or why it happens or how to cure it, but it sounds freakishly similar to what I had.

Although, I don't think I have this, because the people they've looked at sleep for weeks, then months and it keeps happening. But the alarming part to me was who it happens to and the side effects.

They said they think it's a gene that's found in mainly jewish people. Hi, Jew here! I don't think they explained why they think Jews carry this gene, but they've found that like 99% of the people who has this syndrome are jewish. Weird.....

They said that you usually feel disoriented and not even realize you've lost days sleeping. That's exactly what I felt like. I had no recollection of anything. I just wanted to sleep. I slept on a Thursday and woke up on a Sunday, like it was totally normal. I remember people making me wake up to eat. I'd have enough energy to do this, and then back to sleep I went.

They also said that you can't remember a lot of what's happened. Hi, that's like how my life has basically been. I know people say, I can't even remember yesterday, but you can (I know I can). But I know there are pieces of my life that I truly can't remember. I couldn't tell you who a single teacher I had when I was as a kid. My mom will tell me things like how I was severly burned once, with blisters and everything when I was like 10. I have no memory of this whatsoever. This, of course, could be related to other things, but let's just say for hypocondriatics sake it's because of KLS.

Then the out of sorts feeling. They said these people randomly have this fuzzy feeling. This is the exact feeling I had the second time around, and even at grad school I'd have little spouts of this feeling and would get so worried that I'd fall into this sleeping spell again. Luckily, I didn't. But man, the fuzzy feeling is super strange. You basically feel like you're in a dream all the time, but you're awake.

So, I highly doubt I have this, because it hasn't happened in years. But if it comes up again at least I know it's not from pot or stress or not enough sleep. Man, this truly tripped me out though. I ended up watching it instead of Project Runway. But I think that butch looking chick got kicked off, right? She should have anyway, cause that dress was the opposite of stylish.


Blogger mayarn said...

A Jewish sleeping disease? That's crazy talk!

my mom says I was obsessed with the TV show "Fame." I have no memory of this. Other than that, i think I remember most other significant childhood things, such as a period where I only watched tv for commercials and never shows. Can you believe it!? I flipped channels to watch commercials. I was weird.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this is what you have. Unless you have a special part you haven't told us about.


1:52 PM  

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