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Friday, July 28, 2006

My yahoo makes me wanna puke?

Okay, so I have to admit I kind of like the Yahoo ads plastered all over my internet. It's actually a rip off of an Altoids print ad (but what isn't a rip off, seriously?) But does anyone else find this new Yahoo super irritating? I'm hoping they'll figure out these little bits of annoyances sooner than later (bring it you people with your opinions!)..

-I feel like I have to take 4 steps now just to get to my email.

-Whenever I just accidently move my mouse over the weather/email area some gay ass loading page comes up for no real good reason.

-The entertainment area is weird. I can't just click on a link and get the news. I see a little picture and something that looks like a link, but it's not. I actually have to click on something else to get a second headline, and then click to go somewhere like the 9, whatever the fuck that is.

-So, one time I did click on this 9 thing and it took me to video news. I just want articles, not some video that can't play until it buffers and then looks all distorted.

Alright, I actually blogged a lot this week. And today has really been my only slow day. Right now, I'm just waiting for either good or bad news. Let's cross our fingers that this idea I've spent a month working on comes to life!


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