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Monday, July 17, 2006

Earth, wind and take cover.

I'm not sure if I'm suddenly more aware of things dealing with the earth because a) I'm older and wiser (doubtful) b) I'm reading Fast Food Nation or c) I just saw An Inconvient Truth.

EVERYONE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEE AN INCONVIENT TRUTH. I guarantee you this movie is way more worth the 9 bucks you'll pay, then if you see Me, You and Dupree. Coincindentally, when I gave the ticket dude my ticket he said to me, "Let me guess. Me, You and Dupree." And I immediately said, "Um, definitely no." I love that movie ticket guy can be just as judgemental as everyone else in the world. That's comfort, right there.

So, back to the movie. Please, please, please see it. I know there's only about 5 people who actually read this, but even if just one of you see it, maybe we can offset something. Change even a little. Because if we don't do something, even the smallest thing, the place I grew up will be under water in no less than 50 years! I'll want to show my grandkids my high school, but I won't be able to because it will be under 20 feet of water. Of course, living in Coral Springs we knew this. The high school on the other side of town has been sinking ever since it's been built, but that doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it right that polar bears are dying because they can't find ice bergs to live on, because all the ice bergs are MELTING! It doesn't make it right that Lake Chad, one of the largest lakes ever, is now non exsistent!

I walked a mile to see this movie, thinking that I'd just take the bus back. But after seeing it, I decided why take the bus when I can just walk? It's those little things that will improve our children's future. And to the people who think nothing that bad could possibly happen so soon, then see this movie. Because you're dead wrong.


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