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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Music by People Who Make Music

This weekend: I spent almost $20 for Lady Sovereign and then another $15 (at least) on alcohol. I really enjoyed her at Bumbershoot, so I was willing to spend the almost $20 to see her again. But man, was it ever so disappointing. I had fun. I saw friends and talk and drank and blah blah, but Lady S just seemed very full of herself, and when you start a show at 11 pm and then end before 12:30, you're really just ripping me off. Nonetheless, it was still a good night. I just know now that I shouldn't waste my money on her ever again.

Last night: I went to a free event sponsored by Zune. Blonde Redhead was playing, and I haven't listened to them in years so I was excited. Free concert + Free anything I wanted to drink all night long + Free t-shirt I snagged at some point of the night = A very good evening that didn't end until around 1am (and I still made it to the gym at 6- I have no idea how I do this sometimes). Seriously, the drinks were overflowing. I was literally juggling cranberry vodkas. And Blonde Redhead was amazing! And everyone there just seemed a whole lot friendlier. Overall the experience was well worth the money I didn't have to pay.

Just goes to show you that sometimes cheaper (of freeer?) is sometimes better.


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