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Friday, October 20, 2006

Bus Driver

Did I tell you the one about the bus driver? The one where I got on the bus and the driver was talking to no one in particular. You know, like he was crazy. Like how the bums in my neighborhood talk.

So, everyone on the bus did what you would probably do. Run? Scream? Get off the bus in panic? Nope. We just laughed.

"Oh, haha crazy bus driver man. You talk to yourself and that's funny."

"Look at him drive with ease and yet he's clearly mad."

"What is he talking about anyway? Did he just say he wants to flip this bus and kill us all? No, no he didn't."

Then the bummish looking guy sitting a few seats down from me tried to explain to all of us that the driver was actually normal, and that if you drove a bus all day with the light system we have you'd be mad too. No you wouldn't! That's your fucking job! If you're crazy you just shouldn't work. Like my dad....

Just a warning for those who might ride the 8 bus in Seattle at around 6:30ish. The guy driving might try to kill you. Or at least try to talk to you.


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careful out there...

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