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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You probably won't like this movie. That's because you, my friend, are stupid.

So I saw Marie Antoinette this weekend. I missed it on Saturday, which is when I orginally planned on seeing it, due to drinking. Sunday proved to be a better movie night anyhow. Thus, off I went, with my colombian friend and her aunt who didn't speak english.

I should warn you. You, the people of the world who like movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Legally Blonde 2, will not like this movie. I heard many grrrs and a few people left the theater. You should read reviews people. You should notice who made the film. Sophia Coppola. Remember her? She made movies like Virgin Sudicides and Lost in Translation. Remember all the parts of the film that you saw of Tokyo where Scarlett Johandsome just walked around, with pretty music playing? Remember? That's Sophia's thing. That's what she does. Just like Christopher Guest does documentary spoof's and Wes Anderson loves doing montage type scenes, Sophia likes using music and telling a story without telling a story. So be prepared for nothing. Because that's what happens in this movie. Nothing.

I might be the only one who agreed with the critics, because I think the movie deserves an A+++. She is very talented when it comes to picking music for her movies. I own all her soundtracks (by far much better than Zach Braff, who somehow got the crown of a soundtrack maker by adding Coldplay and other whiny emo songs- I'm not saying I didn't like the Garden State soundtrack. I'm just saying he isn't this soundtrack magician. He just listens to KCRW and NPR like everyone else.)

Even though there's a whole lot of nothing (and by nothing I mean, there isn't an actual story in the movie. This isn't a biopic. This isn't a love story. There isn't even a whole lot of talking.) there's just something to it. You follow along, like you would a French movie without the subtitles or the opera (which I really want a boy to take me to. When a boy figures this out about me, I think I will have finally found him.) It's a story of her life, how she partied, how things like, "Let them eat cake" could get misconstrued. It's basically as if Sophia was just standing there with Marie throughout her life and edited it down to the best parts.

Again, I suspect guys will hate this movie. And most girls thinking it will be like The Notebook set in France will be deeply disappointed. But if you like pretty sunsets with the sounds of Gang of Four in the background than you'll love it. Like I did.


Blogger mayarn said...

Ok, now i really want to see this. Get me to the movies!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

I can't wait to see it. All alone. Just how I like.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous maurene said...

I can't seem to get anyone to watch this with me! Especially grumbly male types.

7:12 PM  

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