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Thursday, November 02, 2006

At least I wrote a list.

This morning I decided I needed to make a list of things to do. Because I've been super busy with this new pitch (not referring to baseball, i'm speaking advertising) and today I had a break from it. So I was gonna use this day to do the following:

-Review and print off my Geico forms
-Send my sister some pictures that my mom wants
-Go to my library's website to put some books on hold
-Visit carmax.com and see about selling my car
-Make gyno/foot/dermo appointments
-File expense receipts so I can get my money back for getting coffee while concepting (just another ad perk!)
-Enroll for next year's health shit
-Finish a party invite I started and never really completed

I'm usually very diligent about completing things. Scratching things off one by one, but lately that hasn't been the case. So instead of doing everything on the list I spent about 2 hours looking at the library website, then spent another hour looking at carmax/realizing carmax doesn't exist in Washington/then realizing I actually have to take a picture of my car and do a lot more work because stupid carmax doesn't exist here! and then I watched last night's episode of Lost on abc.com. It wasn't on the list but I figured doing 2 things on the list was enough work for me today, thus I deserved some kind of reward. Now, it's 2pm and I have a meeting in an hour. Maybe I'll look at clothes I can't afford at anthropolgie.com Yes, that's exactly what I'll do.


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