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Monday, November 13, 2006


I went to the gyno today, after not going for like 2 years maybe. And I definitely should be going, cause I have that feeling that I might not be able to reproduce thanks to my imperfect genes and the fact that I skip periods like aneroxics skip meals. So, today I finally went. And I had some blood work done. And first off, before I even go there, I should say that I like it when the doctors talk to you while she shoves a metal brush inside you. It distracts me. Especially when I mentioned that I lived in Ferndale, to which she said, "Oh, my ex-husband works at Young and Rubicam. Small world. Now this shouldn't hurt a bit." To which I kinda got scared, cause who the fuck knows what kind of memories I just brought back as she's now in between my legs. Luckily, everything went fine and dandy until the nurse took my blood.

I never have problems with taking blood. I'm not great with needles, but I don't cry or anything. I just don't like the initial prick so I usually talk or distract myself. The nurse said, "Ooh, that vein is perfect." She stuck me and then said the words you never want to hear when someone is sticking you with a pointy object.


Ugh, she missed the vein and decided to use the other arm instead. To which it worked, except my blood was taking it's sweet little time filling up the tube. My blood was so slow that I saw a bump starting to grow on my arm. I thought for sure I was gonna lose my arm soon, when she decided that was enough torture for today. And that she wouldn't fill up the 3rd tube because that should be enough or whatever.

Now my arm really hurts and I will never let that nurse touch me again. At least not for another year.


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