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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

about me me

Stolen from Maya. Think fast. Write the first thing that comes to mind.

1. my ex is still:
trying to contact me

2. i am listening to:
bob dylan on someone else's computer

3. maybe i should:
be working

4. i love:
discovering a new thing

6. i don't understand:
people who are really cool like paris hilton or that guy in high school

7. i lost:
my disposable camera

8. people say:
i'm shy (but really i'm not)

9. the meaning of my display name is:
i just wrote it on the fly so i really don't know

10. love is:
an emotion you feel

11. somewhere, someone is:
having butt sex

12. i will always:
like camping

13. forever seems:
too long

14. i never ever want to:
eat McDonalds again (it's been 3 years now!)

15. my cell phone is:
newish, yet looks like it's from 1980

16. when i wake up in the morning:
i go directly to the gym

17. i get annoyed when:
people try to talk over me

18. parties are:
usually fun

19. my pet(s) is/are:
somewhere in s. florida, probably dying

20. kisses are the best when:
it's the morning, noon and/or night

21. today i:
will go to a japanese dollar store

22. tomorrow i will:
watch lost! (and project runway!)

23. i really want:
mike to get here already


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