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Friday, December 01, 2006

So, you wanna give me gifts?

Okay, really I don't celebrate any holidays. If anything, I give my sister some tie dyed hand me down, and I'll end up getting my mom something for her new condo, but that's because I want to help her out not because it's December and there are lights fucking everywhere.

I can't even spell Hanukkah, let alone remember the last time I lit the candles for each night. Usually, I do it once and then forget to do it the next 7 days. Or I'm just too lazy to buy candles in the first place. I'm not a bad jew. I'm just eh when it comes to celebrating anything jewish without my grandma alive to make me potato laktes.

But, I love receiving gifts. Really, who doesn't? So, with that shit said, here are the things I'd love to get. Not even really to get from other people. Just things I want in general. Last year I wanted an ipod and bought it for myself. I also wanted Harold and Maude, and my mom ended up buying it for me. I think everyone needs a list like this. It's fun and it beats getting gift cards to places I never go to, like Home Depot or Starbucks.

1. A gift card to Pitaya.

2. A gift card to Anthropologie.

3. A gift card to Aprie.

4. A gift card to Club Monaco.
All these are clothing stores I love, and yet end up at a thrift store because I rather spend $5 on a shirt than $30.

4. A gift card to ElliotBayBookCompany. That way I can maybe own some nice hardcover books instead of always going to the library.

5. One of these donut paintings. Because I like hanging these on walls.

6. Any notebook from ExLibrisAnonymous. For some reason this won’t open for me, but they are the cute notebooks made out of old books. I’m sure I can make them, but why spend the time when they’re only $10.

7. And if you’re still not quite sure what I want, then anything from my wish list at Amazon would suffice. Just type in my yahoo email address on the right hand side of where it says, “Find someone’s Wish List” (for some reason when you type in my name, it doesn’t work) and you’ll find all the knitting shit I desire.

As for the meeting today, it went superb. I just got back from lunch (it’s like 4) and now I’m ready to go to sleep till tomorrow. Urban Craft Uprising here I come!!!



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