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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm officially getting old.

I had to go to a foot doctor today. My left foot has been bothering me ever since I moved here, and felt I should get it checked out since I have insurance and all.

And even though the doctor chick didn't find anything too weird, she still wants me to get physical therapy cause it looks like my calf muscle on my left side is all weirded out. It's tight or something, which is causing me to form really awesome calluses on my foot, which makes it hard to walk, run or be on the ellipitical machine. And she also wants me to wear these really annoying bumps in my shoes.

This very little problem reminded me of this childhood friend I have (who never would waste her time reading blogs, let alone even know what one is) who has all sorts of problems. She has a foot thing, a sneezing thing, an allergy thing, a jealously thing, a thing thing. And I was always, in my head, thinking gosh, you have so many damn problems. Life can't be this rough, especially when you're living in Coral Springs and have pretty hair.

This I guess is my first thing. And even though it's kinda annoying to walk with bumps in my shoes (try it, it really is stupid) I won't let it disrupt my life. No sir!

The good news, is that I come into work today at 11 and I just found out that I can leave for the day at lunchtime! Hooray for working (or blogging, in my case) for an hour. Totally fucking radical.

Give thanks for shit.


Blogger imran said...

sorry to hear about your foot barrie, hope it gets all better.

2:23 PM  

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