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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


There's been a lot of things I should've blogged about:

-My mom turned 60 on Sunday!
-Lost finally came out with action figure dolls. Imran, it's true!
-Thanksgiving was delicious, thanks to my other ophran friends in Seattle.
-Cristina and I had a delusional cab driver the other day.

But really, all this stuff is minor compared to the:


That's right folks. God is playing some evil trick on me. While it's 50-60 degrees in Michigan and New York, Seattle is in the 20s and the news people are just eating this up. Especially since we had LESS THAN AN INCH OF SNOW! And THE HIGHWAYS WERE AT A STAND STILL! And ICE IS FORMING! HIDE THE CHILDREN! THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!

The people here obviously aren't accumstomed to snow or ice or decaf. I remember it snowing one time in Atlanta, and we were outside playing on the thinnest sheet of snow (probably an inch more than has hit Seattle, which means we were playing in about 2 inches of dust), and people would look at us like, You should be inside. It's SNOWING for christ sake.

Not that I'm some expert in snow. I've maybe had a total of 5 years experiencing the stuff. But still. I've been in the shit. It's hysterical to see the weatherman in Seattle telling me to put my snow tires on for an hours' worth of snow, when I've been through actual snow storms that never seem to end. That last days. Where every single car and truck REALLY can't move or they spin out. Where I had to have 3 men push my car to Nicole's house when it got stuck in about 2 feet of snow.

And I know everyone else is thinking how ridiculous this is. Yet, when it did snow there were many, many accidents. In an inch of snow, people still need to realize that you have to drive slower. Everywhere I looked someone was slamming on their gas or break, like it's a normal summer day. I have no sympathy for you people. You know to drive slower in the rain and the snow. It's just what you do. Don't tailgate. Don't try to go 60 in 5 seconds. If possible, just don't drive. So when I'm walking around I don't have to worry that you're gonna slide into the sidewalk and kill me.


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