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Monday, June 04, 2007

If you've heard it once you've heard it a million times...

My friend, Kelly, was telling me about this site where people write down all the crazy shit they overhear EVERYWHERE. In the office, on the beach. The site is even that specific about it. Overheard in NYC. Overheard in the office. Blah blah blah.

So, after spending half a work day reading all the nonsense people say I was consumed with listening to other people's conversations. I actually do this all the time anyway, if I'm not wearing my ipod. Actually, even when I am wearing my ipod sometimes I'll turn down the music if I notice a good conversation is going on. Especially if there's a bus driver and a bum involved. They give the best talk ever.

Anyway, so I went out for lunch (that's a lie- I just sat there and ate my pbj while my friends ordered crappy tacos from the crappy taco place near work- no thank you) and sat there trying really hard to eavesdrop so I could contribute to the overheard site.

All I heard was probably the most boring conversation ever about what kind of cell service everyone has and if it works for them. This was talked about by 3 guys in striped shirts, so I should've known better. But come on, give me some dirt. Give me, I fucked this girl last night. Or, my probation officer is giving me shit again. Or even maybe a joke about your boss. Nope, for 5 whole minutes, while I waited outside for my taco getting friends, these 3 bores had the most useless conversation I ever had to endure.

Ugh, this blog blows. I should've talked about camping and how awesome it was. I should've showed you pictures of the fox we encountered on Mount Rainier and how this fox actually had something in its mouth and how we got scared and ran like little girls. I should've told you about how I got trashed on Friday night in the woods because some guys came by and gave us tequila. I should've told you how we went on one trail covered in snow, another trail in the middle of the woods with beautiful views and another trail half covered in snow half in the woods half along a glacier river, in which we had to cross via a log that was basically covered by the rushing icy river! Then I should've told you how I wish I could go camping every weekend because I just love it so. It was great! It was awesome! There was fire! And smores! And trees!

I should've also told you that we then hit a taco truck on the way home. And that was good too!

Coming up on next week's blog: Maya and Steve's wedding = Awesome/Is it september yet!!


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